Devastating Disease Still Largely Ignored

One day in the future, when someone invents a Geiger meter-like devise to measure pain in quantifiable units, the world would finally know the truth; that endometriosis pain is truly off the charts, so absolutely mind-blowing that women and girls cannot even move, so absolutely excruciating that the afflicted are rendered unconscious, crushed to the floor by staggering shockwaves of unimaginable pain. Despite the millions living in such an unending abyss of unbearable anguish, endometriosis continues to be one of the most urgent yet ignored public health crises of our time. Hundreds of years from now, future generations will look back at this time in history with utter disbelief (and disgust) that such profound suffering could have been ignored for so long by so many.

Let’s be the generation that ends this nightmare once and for all. Email us at to join the fight to end the silence about endometriosis, as well as the social injustice of gendered medicine, a factor which contributes to the significant disparities in research funding and health outcomes we continue to see in women’s medicine.