Student Fellow Shayla Moore, on her First OR Rotation

Thank you to brilliant premed student, Shayla Moore, for taking time out of her busy schedule to blog about her experiences as a Student Fellow participating in the Endometriosis Fellowship program with Dr. Camran Nezhat and his fellows. You can follow these stories online using hashtag #EndoMarchFellows.

Here’s Shayla’s blog about her first day as an observer in the OR: 

“Upon arrival, myself and 5 others were waiting for the clock to hit 6:30 to see Dr. Wood open up the doors to lead us to everything we had been waiting for.

Waiting in the staff lounge for the patient we would be observing to go under anesthesia, myself and the other student fellows began getting to know each other a little further. We all instantly clicked and were laughing together in no time. We talked about where each of us went to school, if we were planning on going to medical school, how we heard about the program, and how cool it was that we were all able to hear about it in different ways but were now all sitting in the same room.

We all had a mutual feeling of gratitude for everyone who made this program happen, as opportunities as hands on as this one don’t come by often at all for undergraduate students. We laughed and said it was almost too good to be true!

There was a younger girl with her mother within our group who we later found out was unable to take part in the shadowing because of her age. We asked her mother, who stayed with us, if her daughter was interested in medicine and she said yes. She also let us know that she has been diagnosed with endometriosis and told us her story, that after 7 surgeries and a great bond with Dr. Nezhat, she was there with us today to spread awareness and allow herself and her daughter to learn more about the disease. We all thought it was amazing to hear firsthand experiences from someone. It’s one thing to watch an operation but it’s another to communicate with the patient after the operation is complete and get a better understanding of everything they have overcome thus far. Hearing her story strengthened our bond further and reminds us of the impact we want to one day have on the world and the lives we hope to one day be able to change.

Dr. Wood and Dr. Nezhat came to pick us up and we listened to Dr. Nezhat explain how much he enjoys helping the youth in furthering their education. He said that he does it in hopes that one day we will do the same when we are doctors and in a position to help, and that is something I know will stick in my mind forever. He spoke of research opportunities and made it clear that he was there to help us.

After listening, we went into the locker room to get our scrubs on and that’s when reality began to set in for us. We all felt a sense of reward and accomplishment for being in that moment, with our scrubs, face masks and hairnets on, ready to observe. A kind nurse led us to the OR and in my head I still couldn’t believe this was all really happening. I walked in and felt the cold air on my skin and the adrenaline began to set in. I looked at my fellows and everyone’s eyes were glowing. It’s such a nice feeling to share this experience with people who are in similar positions as I am. We all have something to relate to.

While watching the operation every doctor in the room gave us insight in some way, we could tell how excited they were to have us and how eager they were for us to learn. This made us all feel even more welcomed.

After each operation Dr. Wood and Dr. Nezhat were sure to check in with us, asking if we had any questions and made it clear that if we did we could always contact them any time.

Once the day was over and it was time to take off the scrubs, we all couldn’t stop talking about when our next visit would be (we were obviously beyond excited to come back). Dr. Wood and Dr. Nezhat checked in with us one last time and introduced us to a few other doctors who welcomed us warmly. They then let us know they had other appointments to attend and would be leaving but had lunch on the way for us.

Overall, the experience was amazing and I know I can say that for everyone who was observing with me that day. We walked in as strangers but through a mutual love of medicine and changing lives, we left as good friends ready to meet again and learn more. I especially appreciate the doctors for being so kind and open when it came to having us around. They made the environment open for an endless amount of learning and I look forward to being with them soon enough!!”



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