$50k for #TeachEndoNOW! at Hospitals

The #TeachEndoNOW! campaign is expanding to hospitals. Watch Dr. Camran Nezhat’s brief Facebook video above, on how you can fundraise for your local hospital to help establish an endometriosis center, which can include endometriosis expert-vetted educational programs for the general public & local medical students as well.


As you’ll see at the end of the video, there’s also a matching funds offer of $50,000 that Dr. Nezhat & Nezhat Family Foundation will donate to the first five hospitals that participate ($10k each). Some restrictions apply.

To get started, you can contact your local hospital’s volunteer and/or fundraising department, and they will help guide you on how to organize a fundraiser so that proceeds can go directly to their organization & ensure that the funds are earmarked for an endometriosis center.

UCSF, Cleveland Clinic, and the Boston Children’s Hospital are just a few from a growing list that have already successfully established endometriosis centers. We believe this method of having Endometriosis Activists partnering with local hospitals can help accelerate endometriosis awareness efforts with students, the general public, and health care providers from multiple disciplines.

We will coordinate with EndoMarch Chapters on this initiative & will keep everyone posted on additional action plans & progress toward reaching the goals of the #TeachEndoNOW! campaign.

Downloadable resources are listed below, including a double-sided Flyer-Fact Sheet and an Endometriosis Awareness Double-Sided Business Card Template.

1) Flyer-Fact Sheet  – Side 1 & Side 2
postcards TIME out SIDE 1 i correct truly 4 real png

postcards TIME OUT side 2 correct


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